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Červen 2014

The Ugly Betty series (review)

17. června 2014 v 17:33 | Zajka |  Recenzie
TV series called "The Ugly Betty" were shown on TV seven years ago for the first time, but I don´t mind. I just can keep watching it again and again and still find it exciting.
As the title says, the main character is Betty, twenty-one-year old woman wearing glasses and braces. And that´s why people around find her unattractive. But she is focused only on her dream to become an editor, which she starts by being an assistant of editor in chief of a famost Mode magazine.
It may sound easy, but her life is full of troubles she´s got to deal with. But at the end she alwayse finds the right way. And maybe that´s what I like about her most. Whe never gives up. She just keeps working hard and after all...her dream becomes true!
I would recommend Ugly Betty to people who are tired of seeing so many happpyending stories where the main character are a beautiful blonde cheerleader and a blue blue-eyed sporty guy with big arms. If you dare to see something a little different, Ugly Betty is the right choice!

Zajka :)


12. června 2014 v 15:38 | Zajka |  Recenzie
I´ve just started looking for some photos of singer known as Lady Gaga. And suddenly I realised that I don´t even know how she looks like! In fact, there were lots of pictures, but the point is there was different girl in every of them. Just few ones in which I could saw that it definitelly is lady gaga: those with big blonde hair, make-up and fancy glasses. I was very surprised by the fact that while her songs are so popular, her face seems to be unknown! She can go to local grocery and buy some goods and nobody would now that more than ordinary girl was a famous singer! Well, I tend not to like her before, I thought she was doing all those things because of her own will. But now, well, maybe she´s just normal girl and she is forced by producents to wear rather weird clothes. Maybe she just doesn´t have enough courage to say anything and do things on her own. Maybe she´s afraid to show her true face because she may loose her popularity....